Why Mérida Has Become a Haven for Expats

People of all ages and from different parts of the world come to Mérida. The expat community here is growing, with newcomers discovering a laid-back, culturally rich and affordable lifestyle. There are countless possibilities to explore and enjoy in Mérida – whether right in the city, exploring historic Maya sites, at the beach, or simply in your own home. There’s a strong feeling of belongingness.

A Comfortable Climate and Beautiful Setting

Its location gives the city a relatively warm, enjoyable climate (26 °C average throughout the year). The cool breezes from the Gulf of Mexico drift into Mérida in the evenings making it nice to stroll along the streets or sit in the plazas. There is an abundance of tropical fruits, vegetables, meat and seafood all year round. Nature is rich here and everything is in harmony, giving you a general feeling of well-being and making it a place to love.

La Ciudad Blanca (The White City)

Mérida has been dubbed “La Cuidad Blanca” (The White City), probably for its cleanliness and the light colors of many of its old buildings, which are beautiful remnants of its colonial legacy right in the city center. Colonial homes line the city streets to this day and the historical center is currently undergoing a minor renaissance as more and more people are moving into the old buildings and reviving their former glory.
The city is populated by nearly 1 million residents and it serves as a great home base for those who want to explore the peninsula, especially if you want to visit the Chichén Itza and Uxmal Mayan ruins.

A Rich Cultural and Arts Scene

Culture and the arts are alive and well in Mérida, which boasts an array of galleries and museums, as well as cinemas, performance venues, and shops and restaurants. The vibrant cultural heart of the region, it plays host to all kinds of events and celebrations and hardly a day goes by where there isn’t music and dancing in the streets. Mérida is a Mexican gem and is a cultural crossroads as well as the gateway to the rest of the Yucatán. It has its own distinct flavor and the people who live here are rightfully proud of their beautiful town.