What to expect when being an Expat

What to expect when being an Expat

Have you ever considered retiring to Mexico? If you have ever contemplated the fun idea you know there are plenty of advantages to retiring to Mexico. Mexico is close to home, has cheaper prices and beautiful year round warm weather. Mexico also has extremely friendly immigration laws for those looking to retire. People with pensions as low as $1,000 USD a month can apply for a permanent resident visa or $500 USD if the foreigner owns property in Mexico.

Our company has helped many foreigners find their dream home in Mexico. Here is a list of the top 5 reasons why our clients decided to retire to this beautiful country.

The close proximity of Mexico to the United States and Canada. This allows retirees to live a flexible lifestyle. Many of our clients like the idea of keeping their home and purchasing a second property in Mexico. They can go back and forth whenever they need or want to visit friends and family, get medical care, go shopping or visit the beach. The clients use their new dream home in Mexico as their snowbirds paradise, summer home or vacation home. Living the best of both worlds.

Low Investment to Move
If you want to experience life overseas, all you need is a plane ticket and a Live It, Compare It & Buy It Tour. The Live It Tour allows you to live and experience various property in and around Merida, Yucatan. Compare all the properties in the area that fit your wants and needs. And when you find the perfect property in Mexico, buy it. You can purchase a nice condo, house, even beachfront and on the beach in a popular area Progreso or Chelem for around $50,000 – 70,000 USD.

Low Cost of Living
Low cost of living in Mexico is one of the main motivations for people looking to retire in Mexico. Your pension or savings will stretch much further in Mexico. A pension of as little as $1,000 USD a month would allow you to live in a beautiful tropical paradise and enjoy the little luxuries Mexico has to offer. You could have staff to do your cleaning and gardening, visit the spa or occasional take a short trip to visit the other areas of Mexico. The lower cost of living in Mexico allows you to enjoy a better life on a lot less money.

A Growing Community of Expats and Retirees
Over a million retirees already living permanently in Mexico, and an unknown number living here part-time. Some of popular retirement areas are home to many communities of foreign retirees. These areas also have local expat hangouts, volunteer and social groups. You are sure to meet other expats that share similar interests and forge long, lasting relationships.

Cheap Medical Care
Medical procedures can cost half as much or less as they would in the United States. Insurance premiums are also lower than that in the United States. Additional, Mexico allows foreigners to join government run medical services such as IMSS and Seguro Popular.

Merida, Yucatan Mexico has first class hospitals, often staffed with English-speaking and U.S. medical school-trained doctors. Living as a retiree in Mexico, you could afford even elective procedures such as cosmetic dentistry or other cosmetic care. As an example, the cost of a crown in Mexico can cost around $300 to $400. The same procedure would cost three to five times as much with a U.S. dentist.

Property Professionals Mexico Real Estate and Development is an American owned company based in Merida Yucatan. One of our main objectives is to help foreigners to become homeowners in Mexico. We have the credentials and experience to help you find and purchase your dream home in the most popular destinations in Mexico.

And remember, here at Property Professionals Mexico Real Estate and Development in Merida, Yucatan you are our first priority!