Greater Mérida

With its collection of historic buildings, plazas, and colonias, it’s easy to get lost in the labyrinthine passageways of Mérida. Several neighborhoods compose the Yucatán capital, and if you’re planning to move to this wonderful city, then it’s best to get to know some of these colonias.

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Greater Mérida is home to some of the region’s oldest colonias, most of which are anchored by a church. Let’s get to know some of Greater Mérida’s major neighborhoods.

Santa Lucía

Located just a few kilometers away from Plaza Grande, the streets of Santa Lucía are lively and thriving. Once a business hub, the neighborhood has, over the years, gradually become a haven for expatriates from all over the globe. The Santa Lucía Church, easily recognizable due to its lovely salmon pink walls, is its most famous landmark. Excellent dining options are found here, making it a trendy destination for foodies.

Plaza Grande

Known as the center of Mérida’s centro historico, Plaza Grande is where tourists and locals alike get a taste of the city’s history. Gallery spaces, a park, and several museums are just some of the attractions located within the neighborhood. The impressive buildings of Catedral San Idelfonso, the Olimpo, the Macay Museum, Casa Montejo, and the Governor’s Palace line the community on all sides

Santa Ana

According to local stories, Santa Ana used to be a farm that produced most of the food to feed the city. Now, Santa Ana is a picturesque neighborhood that is home to a blossoming arts district. Within its boundaries, you’ll find the iconic buildings of the Santa Ana Church, the pretty-in-pink El Pinar estate, and the Quinta San Fernando. You head to Parque Santa Ana for your daily dose of culture, or to the market for the freshest local produce.


Anchored by the Santiago Church, which was founded in 1637, the colonia of Santiago is one of the oldest barrios in Mérida. Its streets, parks, and avenues are littered with sundries stores, cocina economicas, and locals basking in the glorious Yucatán sun. Santiago is one of the most desirable neighborhoods in the city.

Other Noteworthy Colonias

Mérida is one sprawling Mexican city. To get to know more of its unique collection of historic neighborhoods, check out this article or get in touch with Property Professionals Mexico today.

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