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Property Professionals Mexico is key to your investment strategy

Property Professionals Mexico is key to your investment strategy

Some 25 years ago, Mexico set out to achieve a greater economic openness focused on freeing
international trade and attracting investment flows. This policy is supported by an aggressive
agenda to privatize government companies.

During this period, Mexico made many changes to its Foreign Investment Law and executed free
trade agreements with the world’s leading economies. The country also reached a consistent, solid
and stable macroeconomic framework that has brought certainty to investment decisions that
companies have to make.

Today, Mexico offers an attractive business environment, legal certainty, one of the world’s largest
free trade agreement networks, economic sectors that are highly developed and that offer very
competitive costs. Furthermore, the country is developing its infrastructure to turn it into a worldclass
logistics platform and it is working on deregulation to simplify even more business operation.
This document outlines Mexico’s strengths and competitive advantages that make it an excellent
choice for businesses to establish their operations.

Property Professionals Mexico Real Estate and Development S. de R. L. de C. V. has unique opportunities to
work directly with buyers, sellers, and other investors to procure the best deals in Yucatan, Mexico. We
offer a hands off approach for investors whom are too busy, don’t have the local market knowledge, or
simply want to receive a better return then they would with other investments.