Safety in Mérida, Yucatán, Mexico

With its rich history, breathtaking architecture, and tons of enjoyable attractions, the city of Mérida is one of the Mexico’s most appealing and popular areas to live in and visit. Best of all, the city is considered the safest city in the whole country. It has a very quiet and relaxed environment, and the crime rate here is very low compared to other cities in the country – there’s an apparent feeling of security you get just by walking down its streets. In fact, it’s safer even than Wyoming or Idaho and you’re more likely to run into trouble on the streets of Bloomington, Indiana.

Mérida’s government is known for making sure the city maintains its safe and friendly atmosphere. During recent years, it has invested a huge portion of the city’s funds and resources for improving its security infrastructure and providing better training programs and equipment for its police force, all for the purpose of maintaining the peaceful environment it is known for.

The city is not completely crime-free, though it’s nothing visitors should really worry about. Crime in the area mostly involves isolated incidents of robbery. In areas surrounding some of the city’s popular night spots such as casinos, nightclubs, or bars, a certain degree of crime related to violence, and drug/alcohol abuse is present, but these are common occurrences in such areas, no matter what city you go to.

Going around the city is very easy and safe as well, with friendly locals happy to point you to the proper direction should you get lost (some will even throw in a helpful sightseeing tip, if you’re lucky). Buses and taxis here are easy to come by and are reasonably priced too, and there are organized tours for those looking to find out more about the city, but who don’t want to do all the planning and organizing.

With tons of attractions combined with a picturesque and safe environment, Mérida is a city that certainly has a lot going for it, which is why it’s such a popular area for plenty of tourists.