Move to Mexico for a Variety of Reasons

Move to Mexico for a Variety of Reasons

There are many reasons for moving to Mexico: the people are welcoming, the cost of living is low, and buying real estate in Mexico is safe and easy.

Proximity to the U.S. is also important when considering a move to Mexico, especially for those who have friends and family there, travel back and forth for business, or spend only part of their time living in Mexico. Several airlines have direct flights between many Mexican and U.S. cities.

Because it is so big and geographically diverse, Mexico offers all kinds of climates and spectacular sceneries. Whether your dream of the perfect view from the window involves gentle waves rolling on the blue ocean, majestic mountains, reflections of sunrise on a lake, or the lush greenery of the jungle, you can turn that dream into reality by moving to Mexico.

Improve Your Quality of Life by Moving to Mexico

Mexico offers the perfect mix of centuries-old traditions and contemporary lifestyles. Once you have moved to Mexico, you can still have all of the amenities you grew accustomed to in North America: cable TV, high-speed Internet, and modern home appliances. And, if you prefer, when you move to Mexico you can even bring all of your favorite things with you without paying import taxes.

Everyone seems to agree: your quality of life improves in Mexico. Goods and services cost less, so you can afford the kinds of luxuries only the very wealthy enjoy up north: a maid, a cook, and a gardener, for example. Then you have time to read, volunteer, golf in the mornings, relax on the beach…time to savor life.

Mexican health care is first rate. Many Mexican doctors do part of their training in the U.S., Canada, or Europe, yet medical care and prescription drugs will cost you only a fraction of what you would pay in the U.S.

Making the Big Decision to Move to Mexico

Be honest with yourself before committing to move to Mexico. Does humidity bother you? Are you prepared to live in a place where English is not the first language? Will you be able to adapt to a different culture? If you are ready for a change and looking to enjoy a more relaxed lifestyle, then moving to Mexico may just be for you.

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