Centro Histórico Mérida – Mérida Mexico Real Estate

Mérida is home to the third largest centro histórico (historic center) district in all of the Americas (the other two being Mexico City and Havana, Cuba). The district features a neat grid layout, where visitors will find many buildings constructed during the colonial period, throughout the 18th and 19th centuries.

Aside from its elegant historical buildings, Mérida’s centro histórico is popular for its picturesque streets and avenues that exude an Old World charm. In recent years, the district has experienced an influx of not only tourists, but homebuyers as well, who are drawn to the prospect of living amid its beautiful and romantic living spaces.

At a Glance

• Join a walking tour and find out about the rich history of many of the Colonial buildings lining the streets of the centro histórico.

• One of centro’s top attractions is the Cathedral de San Ildefonso, which was built in the 1500s out of stones originally from Mayan pyramids and temples. Cathedral de San Ildefonso is the oldest cathedral in the entire continent.

• The Casa de Montejo (Montejo House) is a Spanish Plateresque-style building that dates back to 1549. The building used to serve as shelter for soldiers before it was converted to a home for Mérida’s first governor, Francisco de Montejo, and his family.

• Centro’s central plaza transforms into an enjoyable street festival each Sunday. Here, you’ll find live music and dancing, along with plenty of street vendors selling an assortment of Mérida’s most popular delicacies.

Mérida Real Estate and Homes for Sale – Yucatán Real Estate and Homes for Sale

The centro histórico is one of the most attractive locations in Mérida to live, and plenty of fantastic homes are available in this beautiful, historical district. Choose from comfortable three-bedroom homes, two-story homes that come with beautiful terraces and backyards, and elegant Colonial mansions with balconies that overlook centro’s charming streets and avenues.